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The goal of this proposal is to investigate the relationship
between antihypertensive (AHT) drug use and physical functioning,
health status, and medical care utilization in patients' later
years. The study uses social, social psychological, medical status
and utilization, physical functioning, and sociodemographic data
from a three-wave health survey of the SHMO population. Medical
utilization, health status and prescription drug use data will be
obtained from medical and pharmacy records beginning one year prior
to the survey. The specific aims of the project are to: 1)
determine the exposure to AHT and antidepressant (ADT) drug use;
2) compare patient's ability to perform activities of daily living
between groups of patients using different beta-blockers,
especially focusing on comparisons between a) cardiospecific and
non-cardiospecific and b) lipid soluble and non-lipid soluble drug
products, and; 4) perform exploratory analyses to examine the
relationship between a) high levels of depressive symptomatology
b) exposure to ADT drug use and AHT drugs. The elderly study population will be the approximately 5,000
Medicare recipients enrolled in the SHMO demonstration project at
Kaiser Permanente in Portland, OR as of July 1988. The basic
approach begins with a description of the population and a
comparison of the population in terms of the exposure rate to
different AHT drug use. Analysis of variance will be used to
examine the bivariate relationship between physical functioning
and the different drug therapies. When the objective is to
determine the separate and combined effects of the independent
variables on the dependent variables, multivariate techniques
including logistic and multiple regression will be used. The
general approach will be to identify problems of the elderly that
appear to be related to the use of various drugs and drug classes.
This approach will be used to develop and demonstrate techniques
to minimize or eliminate the problems.
Effective start/end date6/1/895/31/94


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Antihypertensive Agents
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